Our Solutions

Imagine your partner helping you spend less time on the computer. You can work wherever and whenever you want, without restrictions. And you can develop your environment in the direction you want. Sound good?

We want to help you create the tool of your dreams.

The Acute patient information system is the best partner for your healthcare company. We help you build and develop your business by providing the tool of your dreams that allows you to work wherever you want. You can build your way by expanding the system with your own services, separately built integrations, and partner services. Acute enables efficient information management solutions.

Acute patient information system

Acute is the dream tool that allows you to work wherever you want.

Acute data management

Acute enables comprehensive reporting and data storage.

Acute integration

Acute can be flexibly expanded to meet your needs.

Acute gives you more time to engage with the customer.

The mainstay of healthcare professionals' daily work

Acute is a secure and scalable customer information, patient information, and ERP system. The integration and partner services of the cloud-based solution form a customisable system that can be used anywhere and anytime. Acute is a secure and practical software package that does not require major investment. Thanks to its scalability, it is well suited for therapy service providers, private clinics, and specialised health care services alike. The easy-to-use user interface guides you in your daily routines, and the patient's treatment history view and ready-made templates help in planning clinical pathways. Around 300 healthcare companies in Finland already use Acute. 

Acute integrates with healthcare information systems and medical software 

Acute is a modern system that adapts to your needs and suits a wide range of operating models – with data security requirements front and centre at all times. Choose the best tools for your business and ensure the interoperability of different solutions. Expand the system with versatile plug-ins and solutions by a comprehensive network of partners. Some of the digital additional services are implemented through the REST API technical interface. Acute supports a wide variety of standards and technologies in healthcare information systems.  

Streamline processes and data analysis

Power BI reporting helps develop your business by providing easy-to-understand visualised data that supports Acute's other reporting functions. The ready-made reports available in Acute have been designed for occupational health services in particular, but they also serve other Acute users. Reporting data can be used to compare data over different periods, and by utilising the reporting database, the data can be automatically updated. Reporting can also be utilised by using the reporting database connection, which allows the data in Acute to be transferred to the customer's own reporting environment. 

We provide training and support 

Our customers have access to customer service through the Service Desk on weekdays as well as a 24-hour Customer Portal for self-help. The portal can also be used for submitting a support request. 

We continuously organise new trainings that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. We train users on best practices based on their user roles and take the special characteristics of your business into account in planning the contents of the training. You can also choose to invite an Acute expert to your office for a day or book a remote training session.  

With our comprehensive deployment service, our experts ensure that the system is adapted to your needs and that users can make the most of it.