Acute frees up time for the customer

Facilitate your work and improve customer experience

Acute is the best partner for healthcare companies

If you're looking for a patient information system that easily adapts to your needs, you have come to the right place. Our end-to-end cloud solution, Acute, provides you with easy access to all the tools you need, without having to worry about installation, backup, and data security. Let us help!

Peace of mind and well-being

The dream tool for your daily work

Acute gives you more time to engage with your customers, increasing the freedom and mobility of your work.

Open, extended interface

Acute is a modern, easily customisable application platform.

Grows with your business

Developing the system network does not bind your business to one IT provider only.

A system you can rely on

We have a strong workplace community, and together we're creating a reliable patient information system. We work in close collaboration with the customer and provide individual and personal account management. 

We bring users together

Everything we do is based on interoperability. We want every healthcare sector operator to have access to a reliable and developing patient information system.  

We want to help you create the tool of your dreams.